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Kyungseo Lee (b.1995, South Korea) is an artist based between London and Seoul. She completed MA Painting at the Royal College of Art after graduating Hongik University with BA in Painting and Visual Communication Design. Lee was selected as an artist in residence at Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, 2016) during her exchange programme at Paris College of Art.  Her works have been shown widely both in London and Seoul, including solo exhibition at LKIF Gallery (Seoul, 2021), and a number of group exhibitions including: OHSH Projects, Soho Revue, and Blue Shop Gallery. Lee has recently been awarded an artist residency at PADA, based in Lisbon.

Within her practice, she deals pictorially with the consequences of conflicts in differing emotions or values to others. The erotically charged images serve as a stressor - and this conflicted ambivalence of the ‘body image’ can additionally serve as an opportunity for one to view in different perspectives.  Recently, her paintings have been morphing into abstraction. she has been specifically working on the fluidity in her paintings since she has been pondering on how her paintings could successfully carry the ephemeral and the transcendental aspect of life. In order to achieve this, she chooses to suggest the open proposals such as giving hints by leaving the canvas empty, or bringing the spontaneity to the fullest extent by letting the colours flow and merge themselves. Worked with a loose painterly style, the figure soon dissolves into surface mark and gesture.

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